Photo Project - Le Pic de Montaigu

Pic de Montaigu, Hautes Pyrénées, France

The aim is to take a photo from the same point once a week to see the changes through the seasons.  The jury is still out on what to do on those many days when the mountains are invisible behind a wall of fog or cloud.

Saturday 3rd January 9.20am

Saturday 10th January 9am

Saturday 17th January 11.20am.  
Waiting for the clouds to move on after snowfall overnight. 

Saturday 24th January 9.48am.  
Love the contrast with the tree front right.

Saturday 31st January 17.35. 
It started raining down here on Thursday and this is the first bright moment.  No Pic but plenty of snow in the foothills.

Sunday 8th February.  
Well, it is out there, somewhere.  Plenty of snow, too, with between 2m & 3m falling in the mountains.

Sunday 22nd February 
Late afternoon once the clouds had lifted.

Saturday 28th February - continuous rain down here all week, close to 100mm of rain.  And of course it has fallen as snow on top, with many metres and most of the mountain access roads and ski resorts closed.

Saturday 7th March.  Spring is here! 

Saturday 14th March - Fog so no photo.

Saturday 21st March - More fog.  
So have a camelia flower about to open from a sunny day earlier in the week.

Saturday 28th March - Rain but Sunday 29th is better.

Monday 6th April (Easter Monday)
After another wet and cold weekend, we have clear skies once more.

Sunday 12th April
A glorious warm spring week!

Saturday 18th April

Sunday 26th April

Saturday 2nd May

Sunday 10th May
Feels like summer!

Monday 18th May
Fresh snow at the weekend makes the mountain more easily seen through the fog this morning.

Tuesday 26th May
Another cold and wet week - May has been pretty grim!

Sunday 31st May
Rumour has it that summer is on the way.

Sunday 7th June Sunset
After a blistering week, topping out at 37 degrees on Thursday, 
we've had a stormy weekend and this is the first view of the mountain.

13th June
A stormy week this week

21st June
Hazy after a few sunny days.

28th June - Spot the difference!
With a week of temperatures in the high thirties forecast I suspect this is the last we'll see of the snow for a while.

6th July. Hot and Hazy. 
Very hot!

11th July
Much more clarity with an evening shot.

18th July
A ferociously hot week finally broke on Thursday with evening thunderstorms after hot days.  This photo was taken at 7.30am and by 9am the storms had returned. 

26th July
Hazy again - struggling to take a clean sharp photo at the moment. Roll on a nice covering of snow!

2nd August 
Sunset and at the limits of what I can do with a camera.

10th August 8.30am

16th August 
Misty mountain, but my attention was caught by a few trees taking on a yellow hue already.

21st August
Day's End

29th August
Mid morning and the last patch of snow has gone.

7th September
Hello autumn - a real yellowing hue to the trees now, plus we had the first snowfall on the higher peaks last night.

13th September

19th September
Snow on the Pic de Midi yesterday, but nothing on Monty yet.

26th September, 8.30am
Warm still days again, but chilly nights. And better autumnal light, too.

4th October, 10.00am
A dark, lowering day.

11th October. 
Sunrise, or as close as I'm going to get on a Sunday morning!

17th October 11am
A few high clouds rolling in after a chilly week. Still no snow, but we've had the first frosts, six weeks earlier than last last year.

25th October Lunchtime. Can you see it?
With the ski resorts gearing up over in the Alps, we still wait ...

2nd November 9am
A very autumnal Pic this morning, but still lacking the white stuff.

7th November 8.45am
A really hot week - mid twenties - and the snowfall above 2000m on Tuesday soon vanished. Hot air balloons drifting up the Arros valley are a common sight, looking down on them feels so strange!

14th November. 
The only image for today.

22nd November
First Snowfall.

29th November
Winter is here!

5th December
Misty start to the month, with a lttle more snow overnight.

12th December
Early start and a touch of high cloud, this morning.

19th December
Yes you are right - there is less snow. It has been so warm I carried out that mid winter task of planting garlic wearing shorts as butterflies flew around. Crazy weather.

26th December
The warm weather and drought continues, the snow melts and butterflies fly. On this day last year we had snow down to 500m

I've enjoyed watching the changing view of the Pic de Montaigu over the last 52 weeks, but now I have to find a photo project for 2016. The way the weather is going, maybe a photo of a butterfly in the garden taken every week from January? Although having said that, the long range forecast  suggests that the drought may finally break on the 31st of December. Our local resevoir is empty so we very much need it.

Best wishes for 2016.

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