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I write fiction and non-fiction (and Drabble a bit!) under the name Louise Warman.

Life in the Pyrénées

Maybe attempting your very first self-build with a minuscule budget, no mains electricity, telephone, or even an address, using a load of second-hand and repaired machinery, whilst trying to feed yourselves from a plot of land totally devoid of soil was a touch bonkers. Maybe. Oh, and in a foreign language, too. 

This is the story of one couple and their first year in France, building their own house and developing a garden in the Pyrénées; a year in which they constructed walls, took down walls, put walls back up again, optimistically planted dead hedges, suffered floods (inside and out), droughts and storms, plus an earthquake or two, and smiled in response to a lot of very strange looks from their new neighbours. 

As slugs, flea beetles, deer and yet more slugs thwarted every attempt to grow vegetables, they ate more maggots than is perhaps normal, more slugs than they would have liked and tried to convince friends and family that this really was the good life. 
Meanwhile, they waited and waited and waited to be connected up to the electricity grid. 

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New for 2018

The Reluctant Expat

Julia's contented but unfulfilled existence running her bookshop is thrown into turmoil by the death of a close friend.

Fiercely self-contained and independent, a chance meeting with a retiring doctor leaves her questioning all her values and facing up to her insecurities. She finds herself being reluctantly swept down a totally unexpected path into a foreign land.

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Follow Me! Tales of a Human Piste Map

Cally Johnson is fleeing an unrequited love affair by swapping her dead-end job and a dreary London winter for a dead-end job and a snowy winter in the French Alps.

Hopelessly scatterbrained and disorganised can she find the love of her life, a sense of purpose, those missing socks and the guests she left behind at a mountain restaurant? And will that carbon fibre brace hold her suspect knee together for an entire ski season?

Meet Cally, ski guide and chalet host, your Human Piste Map. Would you follow her?

Available as an ebook from Here.

Like London Buses

Typical.  No bloke for ages and then two come along at once.

Cally is recovering from a broken leg, a broken heart and a few broken dreams, when she falls off her bike right in front of the rather delicious and very distracting Leaf Sweeping Man.  The attraction is mutual,  instant and fiery but something is not quite right.  What really did happen to his wife?   And surely wife killers don’t buy wine by the glass?
And then along comes the sweet and kind, sensible option, Mr Dependable, Mr Future, Mr Just-a-touch-dull. 
Both men have secrets.  Both men have designs on her. 

Will she live for the moment or plan for the future?  Or risk trying both?

Available as an ebook from Here.

Beckoning Pistes and Guilty Secrets

With a shiny new Ski Instructor’s qualification in her pocket and an older, terrible guilty secret in her heart, Cally is back in the Oxfordshire flatlands and pining for the mountains.
She is loved by a good man, but doubts it will be enough to keep her away from the hills as the new winter season approaches. 
And just how will he feel about her when, or if, he finds out the truth?  

Available as an ebook from Here

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